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By Ahbria Marshall An award-winning hairstylist, Terrance Davidson has tossed the tresses of some of our favorite celebrities throughout the years, such as Jennifer Hudson, Patti LaBelle, Nicki Minaj, Tamar Braxton and many more. Davidson said he has worked hard and humbly, determined to make his vision come to life. A little over two decades in the game now and he still never stops trying to learn new techniques to stay ahead of his competition. Not all of Davidson’s determination drives from his opposition though. Throughout his rocky journey, Davidson used the likes of others to keep him going. “My most amazing accomplishment is being able to...

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By Ahbria Marshall From Harvard to high fashion -- Claire Sulmers is all that, and everything in between.  Her impeccable passion for fashion helped her launch her blog, FashionBombDaily.com, back in 2006 where there was very little space for full-time fashion writers. Fast forward 13 years later, Fashion Bomb Daily has grown a following of 1.3 million, readership of close to 2.4 million, and is rapidly growing.  We recently caught up with Claire at her "Convos With Claire" event in Miami for a quick chat.   So how does Claire Sulmers make it happen?She sets and exceeds measurable goals. “Every year we’re striving...

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